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ouat meme

9 episodes [4/9] → 3.06 Ariel

“Are you really going to give up the love of your life… for a friend?”

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This fall the town of Storybrooke gets Frozen…over.

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Thanks to Karen B for sending this new promo in!

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captain swan in the season 4 promo [x]
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captain swan in the season 4 promo [x]

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I’m still a believer in the Batman. 

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She certainly has a mind of her own.

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once upon a time [part 2] | text posts

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the town of storybrooke gets frozen ... over (x)
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This September winter comes early

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Reblog this if you ship CAPTAIN SWAN for both Emma and Hook. For the happiness of both Emma and Hook. (Not just solely one or the other.) 

Reblog this if you believe in supporting Emma Swan, as much as Killian Jones. 

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Captain Hook in S4 promo

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get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite female characters emma swan

"If you want to change things, you’re going to have to go out and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world."

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so I have a question about what you think about Emma. In the first season, she develops feelings for Graham rather quickly, and it doesn't take long for her to kiss him. I was wondering what you thought abut this and why you think it took her so much longer to accept her feelings for Hook than it did for Graham?



Hi there! Well I think in both cases of Graham and Hook, Emma felt instant *attraction* Now attraction is still a feeling, but I think that’s really all she was able to develop towards Graham before he (*sobs*) dies. I think she kisses Graham in that episode because she sees how he stood by her side when Regina confronted them. I think she saw potential for something to grow between them and so she let her walls down for that one moment, thinking “maybe this time can be different.” Unfortunately, her fears were proved right and he leaves her. Of course he had no control over it, but he was still gone and what Emma does is protects herself from any kind of pain. So Emma has gone through life, first feeling like her parents didn’t want her, abandoning her on the side of the freeway, then she met Neal who set her up and let her go to jail and never contacted her again until she bumped into him in NY, then she met Graham who she had an attraction to, probably a feeling like, “maybe he could be different” and I’m sure he would have been but he was also taken from her. So with every tear and break of her heart, she built her walls higher. So maybe in Graham’s case, she had some time in between the whole Neal fiasco and her walls had been slowly chipping away since coming to Storybrooke, with Henry weaseling his way into her heart and Mary Margret proving to be one of her first real friends (though Emma was still quite stubborn and resistant). But then Graham dies and she wakes up and remembers why she has the walls. So when Hook rolls along, again she has the attraction at first sight, but her walls are high after far too many disappointments. We know she’s fighting whatever she feels for him in “Tallahassee”, she’s stubborn and when she handcuffs him on the beanstalk she says she can’t take the chance that she’s wrong about him. Hence she can’t risk trusting her gut, which is drawn to him and wants to trust him. So I would definitely say all of her past just really built her walls high after being abandoned for so many years. But Killian sees that and sees past her walls and she needs him to show her that she can trust him, which is what he’s been doing time and time again since the end of Season 2. It takes her longer with him because she’s being more guarded and more cautious, but he never relents so thank goodness for that. I hope that made some sense haha :)

There’s also the fact that Hook tries to kill her, and leaves her locked up in a cell after telling her that she’s a withered old bean.  So her walls have a pretty good reason when it comes to Hook.  Yeah, she is attracted to him, but he does a lot in season 2 to prove that she shouldn’t trust him.  Graham doesn’t tell her about the relationship he doesn’t want to be in.  Hook lies to her about who he is and then tries to hurt her and people she cares about.

Honestly seeing how he treats Aurora, Archie, and Belle I’m really surprised Emma’s okay with him.  On the one hand there’s Graham who cries over the animals he kills.  On the other there’s Hook who shots a woman in the back after trying to kill her 3 times.

While you’re right about the bad things you listed that Hook did in Season 2 (and that was definitely a big and rational reason for Emma to withhold her attraction to him early on), those are the only things you’ve listed to indicate that he is a bad guy. I noticed, however, that you didn’t mention anything about Killian in Season 3.

Yes, Hook was a villain and he did some terrible things at his introduction into the show, but the beauty of this show and life is that there’s room to change and be redeemed. We can be given second chances. That’s the great thing about Killian’s character arc. He proved himself as someone Emma can depend on many times throughout Season 3. He is a changed man by the end of this past season. It doesn’t mean he’s perfect. I’m not saying that he’s perfect either. I know his flaws and his mistakes and I’m not trying to mollify them. They were evil things that he did. He still screwed up in Season 3 too, with the curse on his lips, the things surrounding that, and keeping his secrets about “the missing year.” Killian will never be perfect, much like no one else will ever be perfect, but what we can see is that he is trying and he is changing. By the Season 3 finale, Killian is a hero. Even one of the promos for the season was, “Believe that a pirate can be a hero.” And maybe you can’t agree with calling him a hero, but hopefully you can at least recognize that he’s a good guy now. Killian is trying to make himself into a man that is worthy of a second chance and worthy of Emma’s affections. And if Emma’s reactions to this are anything to go by (“You’re a hero, Swan.” “So are you.”), then I’d say he’s definitely making progress.

So you can continue to dislike Hook, for whatever reasons you have, and ship Emma with whomever else, but you can’t say you don’t see at least a smidgen of Killian’s positive changes and redeeming qualities. He’s not the same man that you described him as.

(And I’m sorry that tagging the original post with “gremma” annoyed you, but that was half of the subject matter.)

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