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"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."
- Charles Dickens


“Scratch the surface of what’s socially normal. I suppose in some way all of us have something we display to the public and things we feel too ashamed of or uncomfortable with to reveal to other people.”


Scratch the surface of what’s socially normal. I suppose in some way all of us have something we display to the public and things we feel too ashamed of or uncomfortable with to reveal to other people.”

My name is Max Eisenhardt. I’ve been a Sonderkommando at Auschwitz for almost two years. I watched thousands of men, women, and children walk to their deaths. I pulled their bodies from the gas chambers. I dug out their teeth so the Germans could take their gold. And I carried them to the ovens, where I learned how to combine a child’s body with an old man’s to make them burn better. I saw my fellow workers buried alive under an avalanche of rotting corpses. I saw thousands of murdered people burning in giant outdoor pits. I have seen at least a quarter million dead human beings with my own eyes… and I couldn’t save a single one.

Hi, me again, another CS prompt - (from your list before) oh, my room mate is kind of hot/ maybe we should pretend to date, or a combination of both.


hey darling! thanks for the prompt. i hope this is enjoyable. i literally made myself write tonight so I’d write something because it’s been ages. 

oh yeah, super unbeta’d so all mistakes I gladly take the blame for. :)

disclaimer: don’t own, don’t sue

Rating: T (for mild language)

Word Count: ~1250


Emma really did like her roommate Ruby. They’d lived together all of two months, but Emma felt confident that this arrangement would work out. Ruby had a great apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as a great open living area. Ruby was a little messy but so was Emma and there was often a late night or two where they stayed up doing the dishes and laundry because there was no spoons or clean clothes left.

They laughed a lot.

They also still needed a third roommate to make the rent and utilities more manageable. Emma put an ad on craigslist, but so far the responses set off her lie detector big time.

“I think I have a solution,” Ruby said, plopping down next to Emma on the couch as Emma watched American Idol with a grimace.

“A solution to getting this show off the air for good?” Emma asked, changing the channel to Longmire. “Much better.”

“To our roommate problem.” 

“It’s only been a week since I put out the listing,” Emma said. “Not everyone in the area is a complete psycho. Surely.”

Ruby laughed and shrugged. “My brother is moving back to the States.” 

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I will always


Okay, so this one kind of hurt, but I had to write it. Emma/Elsa brotp is going to be my new thing, I can feel it.

“We recognize a soul mate by the supreme level of comfort and security we feel with that person. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues that remain to be ironed out. Rather, it means we know intuitively that we can resolve issues with our soul mate without losing his or her love and respect.”
~Linda Brady

“If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.”

I will always

It’s not that she’s worried he’ll walk away. At this point he’s kind of proven himself to be a constant, in her life. He’s in it for the long haul.

So she takes her time. If it were anyone else she would have just closed the door on the whole idea and walked away, but she knows Killian has the patience of a saint when it comes to her and…she takes her time.

She knows it’s frustrating to him sometimes - getting so close only to have her pull away. The kissing is the easy part, and they both know it - she can’t stop kissing him, honestly, and maybe its her way of telling him to stay, maybe it’s her way of apologizing for how messed up she knows she is.

(Maybe he’s a really damn good kisser and she’s tired of letting go of the good moments.)

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Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.





She’s tugging on a loose curl when a knock sounds at the door. Henry’s feet clamber across the worn, wooden floors and her heart skips several beats. He’s early.

Her reflection is staring wide-eyed back at her, apprehension mingling with bubbling excitement that has butterflies erupting in her belly in a way she can’t even remember. His voice mingles with Henry’s down the hall, his low, lilting accent slipping under the door and into her chest. It makes her heart squeeze because this is real, they’re going on a date and he’s picking her up and god, she feels like a teenager.

Fingers trembling just slightly, she slips her heels on. They’re tall and black and she ignores the small tug at the corner of her mouth- knowing his jaw will probably drop when he sees her legs. (She definitely ignores the fact that the last time he had seen her dressed up it had been at dinner with another man in another life).

" -and she needs to be home by eleven o’clock."

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"What love advice would you give Emma?
Do you know what she’s holding on to?” (x)

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Once Upon a Time Appreciation WeekDay Five : Favourite Episode
                ↳ Snow Drifts // There’s No Place Like Home


OUAT meme: seven kisses 

↳ [1/7] Emma Swan and Killian Jones in There’s No Place Like Home (3x22)

"My walls were up, but you brought them down. You brought me home."